• Cataract Surgery

      Cataract Surgery

      State-of-the-art cataract surgery using advanced phacoemulsification technique and premium IOLs for optimal visual outcomes.

    • Corneal Transplant

      Corneal Transplant

      Advanced corneal transplant procedures for restoring vision and improving corneal health. Expert care for corneal conditions.

    • Glaucoma


      Comprehensive glaucoma management to preserve vision and prevent further damage. Personalized care for glaucoma patients.

    • Occuloplasty


      Expert oculoplasty services for cosmetic and functional eyelid and facial surgery. Customized solutions for optimal results.

    • Pediatric Ophthalmology

      Pediatric Ophthalmology

      Specialized pediatric eye care for children of all ages. Compassionate, child-friendly approach for optimal vision health.

    • Retinal Disorders

      Retinal Disorders

      Comprehensive care for retinal disorders. Advanced diagnostics and treatments for optimal retinal health.