Patient and Attendant

Provision of Information

  • To provide complete and accurate information including full name, address, home and/or mobile number, date of birth, insurance details and employer details whenever necessary.
  • To provide accurate and complete information concerning present complaints, past medical history, hospitalisations, medications and other matters relating to the Patient’s health.

Following Instructions

  • To follow the treatment plan advised by the Physician, including the instructions of nurses and other health professionals as they carry out the Physician’s Order.
  • To make it known whether the Patient understands the course of the medical treatment and seeks clarifications if required.
  • The patients are responsible for their own actions should they refuse treatment or their Physician’s advice.

Respect and Consideration

  • Be considerate of the right’s of other patients and hospital personnel.
  • Treat those providing care with dignity and respect.
  • Being respectful of the property and privacy of others & the hospital.
  • Never hurt or threaten another patient, family member or member of staff, or conduct any activity that will disrupt the work of the hospital.
  • Not to bring any weapons into the hospital.
  • Never consume alcohol or unauthorized drugs into the hospital.
  • Respecting that the hospital is a non smoking zone.
  • To follow visiting hours of the hospital.

Financial Obligations

  • Assure that the financial obligations of Patient’s care are fulfilled as promptly as possible and within the desired time frame.

Personal Belongings

Leave valuables at home and bring only those items necessary during the hospital stay.